Our Team

In today's budget-driven development arena, effective project management and execution have taken on a key role in virtually every phase of the development process.

From pre-construction feasibility and analyses to professional takeoff, budgeting and overall management, the need for a cohesive team of high-caliber, seasoned professionals is critical to seeing projects through to a successful, true-to-budget conclusion.
Jack Klugmann
President & CEO
When founding Accurate Builders back in 2008, Jack Klugmann set out to build a company that would become a standard bearer for quality construction.
Jack built the company slowly and methodically, with a strategic vision for consistently exceeding clients' expectations. In addition to Jack's innate business acumen, his passion for uncompromising excellence has been the key to Accurate Builders' quick rise to the top.
Banks and lending institutions were quick to recognize Jack's strategic vision and expertise in delivering successful projects on time and on budget. The level of trust and confidence he has earned amongst some of the most prestigious financial institutions has played a key role in Accurate's continued robust growth.
Jack's can-do attitude, along with years of accumulated expertise in the ins-and-outs of the construction arena, provide the dynamics for Accurate's dominanceacross all real estate sectors. His combined expertise is the single most valuable asset in the company's outstanding performance in every facet of executing its diverse projects.
The passion for excellence that Jack instilled into the myriad components that comprise Accurate Builders continues to drive the company in its operations, goals, benchmarks, and expansion to an ever-growing, satisfied client base.
Steve Aisenstark
Chief Operating Officer
As Chief Operating Officer, Steve has grown along with the company over the years, developing a distinct skill set and an uncanny ability to preempt the typical obstacles that tend to get in the way. Steve's primary responsibilities are the oversight of project financials and approvals.
His eye for detail ensures proper compilation and integration of all pertinent project data, resulting in consistently accurate and true-to-budget rendering of detailed estimates. The COO works closely with the Accurate's management team to ensure optimum execution of the project's strategic goals and objectives.
Steve's exceptional organizational and multitasking skills are evident in the continuous evaluation of the project progress, ensuring fidelity to the project's schedule and budget and the implementation of contingencies as necessary.
Bob Birnbaum
Director of Operations
With a hands-on involvement in the development and construction of a broad spectrum of residential, commercial and multiuse projects, Bob has mastered virtually every facet of the work performed under his watch. Bob's considerable background in construction plays an important role in his myriad duties, beginning from preliminary site planning all the way through obtaining the Certificate of Occupancy.
Bob's oversight and meticulous attention to detail ultimately are key to Accurate's trademark perfection on every project.
Jeff Wieboldt
Director of Purchasing & Production
Since joining Accurate, Jeff has contributed significantly to the company's operations management. Jeff's responsibilities include processing of estimates and negotiating with vendors and subcontractors. His expertise in cost analysis and estimate coordination provide the basis for accurate evaluation of construction labor rates, and assessment of subcontract cost estimates and proposals.
Under Jeff's watch, all architectural designs and engineering specs are thoroughly reviewed for accuracy, cost effectiveness, and potential conflicts, formulating alternative recommendations where needed.
Aaron Weinberg
Senior Project Manager
With multiple projects progressing at any given time, Accurate’s cadre of site managers are the ones ensuring that every facet of the construction is executed precisely in accordance with relevant architectural and engineering specs.
As Senior Project Manager, Aaron provides the integral ground support to the site managers, enabling projects to adhere to our schedule. Aaron works closely with his team to ensure optimum integration between the company's administrative arm in the office and the operations on the field.